Northern Virginia Family Service

Office Hours (9am-5pm, M-F), 24 Hours, By Appointment
10455 White Granite Dr., Suite 100, Oakton, VA 22124

States where the organization has representation or a license to practice law

  • Virginia


NVFS' holistic approach helps the vulnerable families and individuals of Northern Virginia move from critical to stable to thriving life circumstances. Every year, NVFS helps more than 34,000 people find stability and self-sufficiency.

Location(s) of the organization

  • Virginia

Type of Organization

  • Case Management
  • Education or Career services
  • Interpretation Services
  • Legal Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Shelter/Housing

Specialized Competency

  • Human Sex Trafficking
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Refugees
  • Women with Children

Target Populations and Restrictions

Populations Served

Domestic, Foreign

Language Capabilites

Swahili, French, Hindi, Arabic, English, Spanish, Amharic, Vietnamese, Urdu

Target Populations


  • Serve all genders


  • Serve all genders

Service Restrictions

Other: Eligibility varies by program
domestic only

Direct Victim Services

Basic Necessities

  • Child welfare referral
  • Emergency/Crisis response
  • Family reunification
  • Identity or government documents
  • Legal family reunification (e.g. returning citizens, welfare)
  • Personal items (includes material goods or support to obtain goods including food, clothing, toiletries, housing supplies)

Medical and Dental Services

  • Dental issues
  • Pediatric health
  • Primary care

Education Services

  • Financial literacy
  • Health education
  • Life skills training (includes managing personal finances, self-care, and programs that help clients achieve self-sufficiency)

Legal Services

  • Immigration advocacy/assistance


  • Volunteers
  • Unpaid internships

Housing Services

  • Housing advocacy (includes assistance to locate and place client in housing)
  • Housing financial assistance (includes expenditures for client's rent, shelter stay, hotel/motel stay, temporary host stays, foster placements, or other housing expenses)

Case Management Services

  • Child welfare case management (adoption, pre-adoption, foster care, guardianship)
  • Explanation of benefit entitlements/availability
  • Intensive case management
  • Mentorship

Mental/Behavioral Health Services

  • Clinical counseling / Therapy
  • Emotional/moral support / Supportive counseling

Job Services

  • Cover letter / Resume building
  • Interview training / Preparation
  • Job placement
  • Job skills training

Contact Information

Other Contacts

Legal Services Hotline