National Community Church

Office Hours (9am-5pm, M-F), By Appointment
205 F St NE, Washington DC, 20002
Accepts medicaid


We are a multisite church meeting in the marketplace. We have 4 church service locations in DC and 4 church service locations in VA. We also have a coffee shop, Ebenezers by Union Station and the Miracle Theater on Barracks Row serves as a church service location as well as a working movie theater.

Location(s) of the organization

Type of Organization

  • Human Trafficking Training/Technical Assistance
volunteer support to victims and provider agencies

Specialized Competency

  • Human Sex Trafficking
  • Refugees

Target Populations and Restrictions

Populations Served

Domestic, Foreign

Direct Victim Services


  • Volunteers
  • Unpaid internships

Contact Information

Referral Contact

Jill Carmichael jill.carmichael@theaterchurch.com 202-544-0414

Other Contacts

US Missions Director