FAIR Girls

Office Hours (9am-5pm, M-F), 24 Hours, Emergency
Responds to emergency crisis referrals and client needs 24/7.
Drop-in center: 9am to 6pm (M-F).
Vida Home resident hours (6 at a time): 6pm-9am (M-F); 6pm Fri - 9am Mon
2100 M STREET NW, 170-245, Washington DC, 20037

States where the organization has representation or a license to practice law

  • Maryland
  • Washington, D.C.


FAIR Girls ends human trafficking in the lives of cis and transgender girls by providing emergency and transitional housing, case management, job readiness, and counseling. FAIR Girls signature prevention education curriculum educates thousands of teens annually in how to identify and stay safe from human trafficking. FAIR Girls' advocacy program, Solaine, is built on the collective experiences of all of FAIR Girls' survivors and seeks to protect and promote their rights.

Location(s) of the organization

  • Maryland
  • Washington, D.C.

Type of Organization

  • 24 Hour Services (Includes emergency & crisis services)
  • Addiction/Rehabilitation Services
  • Case Management
  • Education or Career services
  • Human Trafficking Training/Technical Assistance
  • Mental Health Services
  • Policy Advocacy: National
  • Policy Advocacy: Federal
  • Policy Advocacy: State
  • Policy Advocacy: Local
  • Shelter/Housing
Transportation Assistance, counseling, support groups, mindfulness workshops

Specialized Competency

  • At-Risk/Exploited Populations
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
  • Human Labor Trafficking
  • Human Sex Trafficking
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Multilingual Service Provider
  • Runaway/Homeless Youth
Race and class issues impacting young women of color who are 90% of FAIR Girls client base.

Target Populations and Restrictions

Populations Served

Domestic, Foreign

Language Capabilites

French, German, Hindi, Serbo-croatian, Spanish, Swahili

Target Populations


  • Female
  • Transgender Male to Female (MTF)
  • Transgender General (Includes two-spirit, Transsexual, Cross-dresser)
  • Genderqueer/Gender non-conforming (Includes gender-variant children)
  • Intersex/Non-binary gender


  • Female
  • Transgender Male to Female (MTF)
  • Transgender General (Includes two-spirit, Transsexual, Cross-dresser)
  • Genderqueer/Gender non-conforming (Includes gender-variant children)
  • Intersex/Non-binary gender

Service Restrictions

Age Restrictions: 11 to 26
Gender Restrictions: female identifying

Direct Victim Services

Basic Necessities

  • Child welfare referral
  • Emergency/Crisis response
  • Personal items (includes material goods or support to obtain goods including food, clothing, toiletries, housing supplies)
  • Safety planning
  • Transportation (includes metro/subway passes, bus tickets, etc.)

Medical and Dental Services

  • Alternative health therapies (includes acupuncture, yoga)

Language Services

  • Interpretation and or translation services for monolingual (non-English) speakers

Education Services

  • GED preparation
  • Health education
  • Life skills training (includes managing personal finances, self-care, and programs that help clients achieve self-sufficiency)

Legal Services

  • Crisis or emergency services (includes crisis intervention)
  • Law enforcement advocacy
  • Victim advocacy (includes vacating convictions, crime victim's rights and services, & explanation of legal rights and protections)


  • Volunteers
  • Unpaid internships

Housing Services

  • Emergency housing (<30 days)
  • Housing advocacy (includes assistance to locate and place client in housing)
  • Housing financial assistance (includes expenditures for client's rent, shelter stay, hotel/motel stay, temporary host stays, foster placements, or other housing expenses)
  • Transitional housing (>30 days)

Case Management Services

  • Child welfare case management (adoption, pre-adoption, foster care, guardianship)
  • Explanation of benefit entitlements/availability
  • Intensive case management
  • Juvenile detention re-integration
  • Mentorship
  • Moving/re-location assistance

Mental/Behavioral Health Services

  • Clinical counseling / Therapy
  • Emotional/moral support / Supportive counseling
  • Peer Support

Job Services

  • Cover letter / Resume building
  • Interview training / Preparation
  • Job skills training

Contact Information

After Hours Contact

Andrea Powell

Law Enforcement Officer Contact

Andrea Powell

Referral Contact

Andrea Powell

Other Contacts

Jacqueline Hahn
Senior Case Manager

Kelsey O'Neil
Case Manager
Youth Services

Hannah De Martini
Director of Operations