Covenant House

24 Hours
2001 Mississippi Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20020

States where the organization has representation or a license to practice law

  • Washington, D.C.


To break the cycle of chronic adult homelessness and bridge the gap of support in the lives of our youth, Covenant House has developed three core services known as our Continuum of Care: Street Outreach, Crisis Care, and Rights of Passage.

These core services are comprised of a wide array of in-house training programs, including healthcare, educational support, GED preparation, job readiness and skills training, drug abuse treatment and prevention, legal services, mental health services, the Mother/Child program, life skills training, and aftercare. These programs are designed to provide our youth with a holistic approach to leaving the streets and achieving independence.

Location(s) of the organization

  • Washington, D.C.

Type of Organization

  • 24 Hour Services (Includes emergency & crisis services)
  • Education or Career services
  • Health Care (Hospital, Clinic, etc.)
  • Legal Services
  • Shelter/Housing
Transportation Assistance

Specialized Competency

  • Runaway/Homeless Youth

Target Populations and Restrictions

Target Populations


  • Serve all genders


  • No adults

Direct Victim Services

Basic Necessities

  • Emergency/Crisis response
  • Personal items (includes material goods or support to obtain goods including food, clothing, toiletries, housing supplies)
  • Transportation (includes metro/subway passes, bus tickets, etc.)

Medical and Dental Services

  • Pediatric health
  • Primary care
  • Substance abuse

Education Services

  • Financial literacy
  • GED preparation
  • Health education
  • Life skills training (includes managing personal finances, self-care, and programs that help clients achieve self-sufficiency)

Housing Services

  • Emergency housing (<30 days)
  • Transitional housing (>30 days)

Mental/Behavioral Health Services

  • Clinical counseling / Therapy
  • Emotional/moral support / Supportive counseling
  • Peer Support

Job Services

  • Cover letter / Resume building
  • Interview training / Preparation
  • Job skills training

Other Services

Other Basic Necessities Services: Child Daycare