Araminta Freedom Initiative

PO Box 22106 Baltimore, MD 21203

States where the organization has representation or a license to practice law

  • Maryland


Araminta focuses on the sex trafficking of minors within the United States. Currently, this is the least served, least recognized, and least funded victim population in the country.

Araminta’s mission is to mobilize entire communities through the use of volunteers to overcome trafficking. While Araminta will utilize professionals such as psychologists, social workers, and attorneys in the rehabilitation process, we believe that volunteers who are trained and equipped properly will bring the numbers necessary to end trafficking in our community and provide resources to partner agencies.

Following the example of our namesake, Harriet Tubman, we acknowledge that ordinary people can change the course of modern-day slavery.

Location(s) of the organization

  • Maryland

Type of Organization

  • Health Care (Hospital, Clinic, etc.)
  • Human Trafficking Training/Technical Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance

Specialized Competency

  • At-Risk/Exploited Populations
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
  • Human Labor Trafficking
  • Human Sex Trafficking

Target Populations and Restrictions

Language Capabilites

Target Populations


  • Serve all genders


  • No adults

Direct Victim Services

Basic Necessities

  • Transportation (includes metro/subway passes, bus tickets, etc.)

Medical and Dental Services

  • Pediatric health

Legal Services

  • Victim advocacy (includes vacating convictions, crime victim's rights and services, & explanation of legal rights and protections)

Case Management Services

  • Mentorship

Mental/Behavioral Health Services

  • Emotional/moral support / Supportive counseling